Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello from rainy Fort Lauderdale!

I am updating my woefully neglected blog from a hotel room in Fort Lauderdale. We flew in yesterday in anticipation of our next adventure -- a Transatlantic cruise. It's actually one of the few ways that ANYONE is getting to Europe right now! But we are super excited. Teddy is just old enough to do this one (you have to be over a year old, and they reposition east during April and May) and I am not quite TOO pregnant (you cannot cruise during your 24th week or beyond; I will be 23w4d when we disembark). I suspect that this will be our last trip to the EU for a while, what with a new little one en route. And this time? It appears to be a GIRL!

Teddy has been an absolute trooper so far. He was so happy and friendly during the travel here and through his encounters with people in restaurants and malls. He adores my parents (did I mention that we are travelling with them? Those of you who know me IRL are in no way surprised, I am sure!) and is so thrilled to be spending days and days with them. We are all fighting cold (boo) and the weather here has been really rainy, but that's no big deal. Vacation! Woot!

So, we flew down yesterday afternoon and got our minivan. We did VERY little last night. After a quick dinner, my Dad and Dave met up with some of my Dad's co-moderators (on a watch forum) for drinks. Today, we hit a local parish, puttered around Ft Lauderdale, then headed to a nearby outlet mall. We did some shopping, but I have been spoiled by the selection and prices of the stores in VT so I didn't get as much as I thought. We headed back to the hotel during a torrential downpour. We eventually headed out for dinner on Las Olas Blvd., then drove back here. BOTH times we puttered along the shore, we spotted no end of crazies. There was one dude who absolutely made Dave's day, but I will leave the story to him.

So - crossing the Atlantic starting tomorrow. Teddy has now seen 2 oceans and visited 7 states. He will hit countries 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Portugal, Spain, France and Italy) en route. We will be onboard a BRAND NEW SHIP (it is only a couple months old) for 14 nights, then we will spend a few days in Rome.

I will do my best to update from aboard the Equinox (one of the perks of the loyalty club level we've just achieved is a bunch of free internet minutes). We have six days at sea before we hit the Azores, so I may not have too much to say, but I will do my best!


  1. Have a great trip! I will keep checking for updates! Hi Teddy!!! And baby #2! So excited it is a girl! Safe travels!

  2. This is TERRIBLY exciting to me! The Azores! Italy! A boat! An ocean! OHMYGOSH!

    Post pics. A LOT OF PICS! Can't wait to hear about it.

  3. I would just like to point out that by the end of your trip, Teddy will have been to more countries than I have. And I am 33x older than him!

    Have an awesome cruise!

  4. APRIL 18! OUT OF DATE! But I am commenting ANYWAY! Thanks for all the topic ideas, seriously. I'm filling up the ole Blog Fodder Brain File. Smooch!