Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new laptop! Maybe it'll make me post more...

I am alive!

And I am posting this on my new-to-me laptop, about which I am super thrilled. It's a refurbished corporate model (an IBM Thinkpad T61 -- my Dad calls it the last, best IBM corporate model) from a great store called "The Trailing Edge" and it FLIES. I love, love, love it. It is such a contrast, because I DETESTED my previous laptop.

I haven't written about it before because I don't like dwelling on the negative. But oh! I have hated that netbook since the day it arrived. I bought it because it was little and it gave me something to do while trapped with the pump when Teddy was tiny. It sucked in so many ways. To wit:

- every time you snapped the computer closed, it disconnected from the internet/nearly shut down. Suck a frigging pain with a baby/toddler around.
- battery life was totally sucky. Even from early on, it would only hold charge for an hour or so. SO ANNOYING.
- the most egregious tied to the keyboard. It was about 90% of a full-sized one, which was annoying. But it had this insane tendency to move the cursor to unpredictable spots. Not only that, but it would randomly highlight text and unexpected delete it or navigate back a browser page. I cannot count the number of blog posts/tweets/FB messages I had to type three or four times because of that perk.

I am cheap, though, and I paid several hundred dollars for it, so I was going to tough it out for 2-3 years. Teddy turns 2 soon, though, and this computer was an AMAZING deal, so I used some Christmas money and got it. HOORAY!

Christmas was wonderful and will write about that soon. For now, I'm off to play with this new bad boy!


  1. W00t! I hope this means that you will write 3-4 times more blog postings since you won't have to retype the same ones over and over again!

    Also, you should come up with a name for your laptop. Mine is Chloe, after Chloe on 24!

  2. I am so jealous of you right now! For some reason my computer just randomly stops connecting to the Internet from time to time. I know it's the networking card, but I figure if I'm going to dish out $$ for that, why not get a new machine :) Until then...I'll keep truckin' away on this old beast! Can't wait to hear more posts from you.

  3. Do you still like your T61? It's what I have for work and I am not a fan. My company got them because of the fingerprint software (do they all have this?) and it doesn't mesh well with our network. I think my biggest problem with the computer is that it's two years old and loaded to the gills with security crap (we sometimes work with social security numbers) so it is SLOW. Makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes.