Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something for Arwen and Bryan

We interrupt this slowly evolving birth story with a request.

Most of you reading this either know or know of my friend Arwen. If you aren't reading her already, you really should be because she is amazing. As is her husband, Bryan. They are even more wonderful in person than online, a fact that Dave and I were lucky enough to discover last summer.

A few months ago, I talked a bit about how they were about to add TWINS to their family. And on May 12th, the identical twin boys arrived. Let me tell you - that night, awaiting their birth and trying to get the #moshertwins hashtag to trend was one of my favourite ever moments on Twitter! Linus Michael and Ambrose John were born a wee bit too early and are still in the NICU. Arwen and Bryan are total stars and are doing amazingly well with all this juggling. And since we can't all be there to help in person, we thought we'd do the next best thing - put together a Spiritual Bouquet for the Mosher Family.

I would love it if you'd head on over to this blog and contribute to the spiritual bouquet. I'd also love it if you could spread the word. The more prayers and wishes, the better.

We love you, Arwen and Bryan. Enjoy!

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