Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teddy's Big Weekend

Teddy had an action packed weekend!

On Friday, we spent the morning at his future caregiver's house, and we had a great time with Daphne and the other boys who'll be there.

On Saturday, I finally acquiesced and Teddy had his first haircut. We went to a place called 'Melonhead' at the local mall; it's a spot that specializes in haircuts for children. Chelsea, who cut his hair, has a 14 month old little guy, so is used to cutting the hairs of munchkins. Teddy sat in a Thomas the tank engine, played with a school bus during the cut and then rode a mechanical horsey as a reward. We also had an official photo taken and they gave us a certificate and his hair. Best of all - no tears. Here are the before, during and after shots. It should be noted that he HATED the cape.

Goodbye, comb over!

On Sunday, we had Dave's corporate Christmas party for kids, where Teddy held crayons for the first time (and didn't eat them) and saw Santa. Once again, no tears! Here's proof.

He said his first 'word' - Uh oh! - over and over on Sunday, too.

And why has it taken me so long to post this? Well - he got his first case of the Croup on Sunday. He woke up from his afternoon nap struggling to breathe, and with a barking cough. A stint in the steamy bathroom cleared up the stridor, but he's had a few snotty-nose and leaky-eye filled days. Poor kid. He's on the mend, though, and he had a great morning with Daphne again today -- without me this time. I spent that time running errands, which included procuring the least flattering passport photo of all time.

One final note -- it's been twenty years since I was in my one and only wedding party. Happy 20th Anniversary, Aunt Pat and Fred. I'm so glad that it's not as cold today as it was twenty years ago!

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