Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome Miss Hand!

We're currently watching 3 kids -- Teddy's friend Claire is here with us while our friends Tania and Mark (her parents) are at the hospital. Tania just gave birth to Claire's little sister (nameless right now). We're SO excited for them.

The age difference between Veronica and the new addition will be about the same as between Teddy and Claire. They're great friends, so we hope it'll be the same way with the younger two.

But oh! I felt like I was KIDNAPPING Claire when I met her parents at the hospital. We couldn't all go -- Teddy was napping and I needed his car seat for Claire. So we did the swap outside the hospital (poor Tania was in transition) and Claire was SOBBING. She knows us and loves our house, but OI! Happily, she perked up right away, but it was a rough start. Let's hope that bed time goes well...

In other news - we're all doing well. I have posts drafted about Veronica and about Teddy's awesome vocabulary, so they should go up soon. It's been a crappy week, though. My friend Jen lost her father, and Dave is undergoing turmoil at work. He was away for 4 days this week, but my Mom came to stay with us. She injured herself while sitting in kiddy chairs with Teddy - THAT'S dedication. Thanks for your help, Mom, and sorry that we maimed you!

And how are you doing?

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