Friday, July 17, 2009

Can I get a do-over week?

This week has sucked around these parts.

It started with the death, visitation and funeral of a friend. There's craziness at my work, despite the fact that I'm on mat. leave, which will make the rest of my maternity leave more stressful. Wednesday, Teddy had his 6 month vaccinations which went well at the time, but have lead to brutal amounts of discomfort since (this, added to teething). And on Wednesday, I started feeling AWFUL. I really thought I had mastitis again, with the flu-like symptoms and fever, but this time it was accompanied by a sore throat and swollen glands.

Last night, I checked my throat (which I usually do as soon as I feel ill; why didn't I do it sooner?). A MESS. When my temperature hit nearly 103 F with fever suppressants, I suspected strep. That was confirmed this morning. Hooray for my immune system kicking in and for antibiotics.

So.tired. Have a first birthday party and a baby shower (which I am co-hosting) tomorrow.

All that to say - I haven't yet finished my tribute to my Aunt Flo which I'd hoped to post tomorrow. It, along with the Greg tribute, will be forthcoming.

However - despite the blah, we have still had many awesome moments. One in particular was Teddy trying pieces of plum tonight. It was hilarious. I'll have to make Dave put up the videos of his eating adventures. PRICELESS.

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