Friday, July 24, 2009

MY six month anniversary

Today marks an anniversary for me; it's been 6 months of expressing, since months since dehydration day. It's hard to believe that I made it to my goal.

When it became clear that breastfeeding wouldn't work (stupid, stupid tongue tie!), we faced a tough decision -- did I keep pumping, or did we switch to formula. It was a question that we had to revisit several times, especially early on with the repeated bouts of thrush and mastitis. But I was adamant -- I wanted to make it to six months. He was GOING to have breast milk for six months. And he has.

I could not have done it without support - Dave and my parents in particular. On the days when I felt so awful that it hurt to pick up the baby, I was so fortunate to have you there. I am sure that you occasionally thought I was crazy to continue, but you respected my dogged determination. Now we've got a freezer full of milk and a kid who's thriving!

What's next (with respect to this)? I am not 100% certain. I'm down to 4 times a day (still getting a litre or so) and it isn't a trial any longer. At 4 months, I thought "Can I get to 8?", then recoiled in horror, thinking of how difficult the first few months had been; could I go the same amount of time all over again? Now, staring down the second half of the year, it seems doable. We've vacationed while doing it, and it's just so freaking convenient to make the food even if you have to store it in the fridge and pour it into bottles. My tentative plan is to get through our trip in late September/early October and then we'll see. At that point, he'll be nearly 9 months old (!!!). But I'd like to go as long as possible, to give him the best possible nutrition I can.

He's doing so well, by the way. He's weighing in at nearly 18 lbs (not monstrous -- lately, I've met two kids within a few weeks of Teddy who weigh over 21 lbs!) and solidly in the 60th percentile. He's such a good-natured kid and a joy to be around (see photographic evidence, once again taken by Becky). I'm so happy that I've been able to give him this. And I'm so very proud of myself for persevering, for toughing this out!

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