Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Georgetown Dispatch...

Hello there!

Things have been a bit crazy, but I wanted to do a quick post to check in. I am once again on my inlaws' computer in Georgetown and I have a feeling that Teddy's nap will be winding down soon, so this will be fast.
  • We are back here until Sunday. Friday (tomorrow) is my mother-in-law's birthday, so there will be a bbq/celebration. It should be fun.
  • We arrived, by way of Kingston, on Saturday. It was great to see Nonna, though we were only there for an hour. We'll stop back in on Sunday en route home.
  • On Sunday, we hopped into the car and drove up to Formosa to Greg and Jayne's place for the McLean reunion. Lots of fun -- Teddy enjoyed the tepid hot tub (the pool was FREEZING) and was his usual charming self.
  • Later on Sunday, we headed over to Wasaga Beach to visit Jen and the Wood clan. We had a lovely visit and were so happy to spend time with Jen, who is so strong. For someone who just lost a spouse, she is doing amazingly well. I am so sad for but so proud of her.
  • On Tuesday, we drove back to Georgetown, stopping in Creemore for some fresh beer (mmm...Creemore Springs). En route back, through Orangeville and Caledon, we hit AWFUL weather. Tornado weather. Dave is a trooper, though, and we drove through with nary an incident.
  • Tuesday night, I went to Bingo with my MIL and the Aunts-in-law. They go twice a week; I'd never been, though I tried last time we were visiting and was thwarted by Teddy's tears. This time - I made it. And we won! Everyone pools all the winnings, and the five of us ended up with $130 each. Not too shabby.
  • We're spending the days hanging with the grandparents and others around the area. Once again, there are WAAAY too many people to see in too little time. We'll be back again in the fall (after our trip) and I'll have to try to cram in more visits then.

In Teddy-related news:

  • He's eating (and LOVING) solids. We're doing some 'baby-lead weaning', so he's working on feeding himself things like plum, nectarine and sticks of steamed vegetables. We're also giving him some pureed stuff/oatmeal (the stuff we generally eat pureed, like squash). The kid can put away a jar (plus a piece of fruit) in one sitting, then have milk. Bottomless pit. But super cute -- he just LOVES it.

We are all well. I'd better go - the nieces are over and I want to spend some time with them. I will try to throw another post up in the near future - I have a Greg tribute and an interview in the works. I'll do my best to add some content - I swear.

And how are you?

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