Sunday, August 16, 2009

Countdown to Mad Men...

Thanks, everyone, for the condolences. My grandfather's funeral was on Friday, and the priest actually read my blog for info on Jack (whom he knew, but whose life story he didn't). He outed me for having a blog in front of my entire extended family on my Dad's side, so if any of you are reading -- hello!

We're back in Ottawa, after a stay with my Nonna in Kingston. She had a wonderful time with Teddy, and we had a blast eating her food. We also had a girl's night at the movies -- I took Nonna and my Mom to see "Julie and Julia" while Dave hung out with Teddy. WE LOVED IT! I mean, Meryl Streep is amazing and she just owned this movie. It was just so great. Check it out!

Teddy has been a little bit off, but we found out the culprit -- teeth! Last Sunday, his first bottom tooth started to break through (the one on the right). It's now through and the left one appears to be up, too. They're not fully in yet, but hopefully it'll be less painful for him now.

I have a bunch of posts brewing, so hopefully I'll be able to post some this week. Lots of stuff coming up, too - visits to see friends with new babies, planning for Teddy's baptism celebration on the 29th, general planning... good times.

And - MAD MEN!! I cannot wait for the new season, and the first episode starts in only a few hours. I don't love it as much as I loved Veronica Mars, but I do love it. (Speaking of VM - two more of my friends borrowing the S1 DVDs and are now addicted. That makes 7 of my friends who've fallen under her spell while watching my S1 DVD. Man, I miss that show!)

This year has been odd, but there have been innumerable good times alongside the sad moments. I hope that your good moments have been as numerous as ours.


  1. It has been an odd year, hasn't it? I'm glad that there have been many good moments for you, and not just the sad ones.

    Also, I confess to being one of the seven who have fallen under the VM spell while watchign your season 1 DVDs! Kalev and I went through season 2 (he bought me the DVDs for my birthday, or maybe it was Christmas) and are now trying to burn through season 3 before he moves to T.O.!

  2. I watched VM straight for a month. Then I had withdrawl. (= -Leanne

  3. Oh my stars. A semi public blog outing. That was a really nice post about your grandpa and I think it's just great you wrote it all down.