Friday, August 28, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - Waiting for the inlaws edition


Teddy's napping and I am awaiting the arrival of my in-laws from Georgetown. My family will arrive tomorrow; we are expecting 26 people (and 3 babies) for the baptismal celebration. It should be a great time! And a full house. I am not sure where I am sleeping tonight - on the couch? On a futon mattress on the floor of Teddy's room? Oh, the intrigue...


The thank you gift for my Aunt Pat and Fred (the godparents) got in just under the wire. Actually, I ordered it and it hadn't arrived by yesterday so I contacted customer service. They fedexed another one and they BOTH arrived today. Too funny. Sorry to be cryptic, but I don't want to blow the surprise in case they read this (hi Aunt Pat!).


I went in to sign my letter of offer for my new job this week; my future manager was not in the office as it was his daughter's first day of maternelle. I thought that I'd be in a blah building on a boring block. It turns out that the office is moving in a different floor on the building I've worked in since January 2006. I just cannot get away!


Only one month until our trip! One month from today, we'll be sailing away from Vancouver after having visited with Aunt Beth (and Tod) and others (hey Beth - I spoke to Deepa this week. We're getting together and she'd love to see you too). I mentioned this last week, too, so I'll stop talking about it.


Teddy was just crying while sleeping; he'd rolled over and felt stuck. Do other people's children do this? I assume that it's related to his burgeoning crawling ability, but the poor little button. These cries are invariably after one sleep cycle (45 minutes) and he can get back to sleep but I am sure it's no fun for him.


Speaking of sleeping, he has some hilarious snoozing habits. He spins around like a top in his crib. You'll lay him down, and when you gaze at him later he'll have turned 90 degrees and be touching the crib bars with his feet. It's a wide crib, but still. Also totally adorable is how he sleeps with his lovey. It's a bear/small fleecy blanket combo, and it was a gift from Aunt Leanne (Leanne - please try to remember where you bought it so I can pick up a spare!). The child likes to rub it on his cheek when he sleeps and it invariably ends up covering his face. It's about the size of an unfolded handkerchief, but it looks like the bear is trying the smother him. He loves to rub the softness on his skin.


What was your lovey as a child? I had two (of which I only remember adoring one). The first was Lolly, a striped doll that rattled. According to my parents, it was my favourite when I was 1 or so. The lovey I do remember was Amy. The character was a friend of Holly Hobby, so she had a green, Laura-Ingalls-Wilder-style dress and yarn hair and a bonnet. She was a stuffed rag doll and I took her EVERYWHERE. Amy #1 was so well-loved that parts of her face wore down to the stuffing. We did have a replacement, but I think my parents ran into problems procuring others. Hey Mom - did you have to write to the company to get another one? And did they send you a big and a small one because they no longer made the desired size? Feel free to tell the tale in the comments section.

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  1. Cool! I'd love to see Deepa & David and their new little one too! Bring on the babies!

  2. Hey, This is my first ever posting!
    Amy #2 we bought but had such a difficult time finding the correct size that your grandmother wrote to the company reqesting info and the company sent you a HUGE Amy (which we kept anyways). You carried Amy#2 everywhere as well and whne we washed her you did not care for that too much. Eventually(age 3) you started to play with other dolls as well but Amy continued to hold a special place for you.