Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh hai, Vancouver sunrise!

It's just about 6 a.m on the Pacific Coast and it seems that we are up for the day. And have been for an hour or so. Our room is facing east, though, so if the weather cooperates we'll see a lovely sunrise.

We arrived yesterday and as Dave already documented, Teddy was an absolute rockstar on the plane and staying up last night to meet with Aunt Beth and Tod. He woke up around 9:30 because of teething pain, but slept really well otherwise. Dave and I made it to 10 or 10:30 and crashed ourselves.

Beth, Tod and I headed out for dinner last night while Dave hung out here with sleeping Teddy. We ended up at a newish place on Granville, Twisted Fork Bistro. The food was very tasty, and for anyone interested they have a 6-7 o'clock funky meal deal. On the way back, we stopped at Fritz to get food for Dave. Funky poutine was the order of the day.

Earlier in the day, we headed up Davie to procure baby supplies for the trip (diapers, wipes, etc. -- stuff that I didn't want to bring in our luggage) and some delicious local beer. I got my Maple Cream Ale and Dave tried a mix pack stuff from the Tree Brewing Company. And after our Shopper's Drug Mart visit I felt so self-conscious walking down Vancouver streets with a big box of disposable diapers!

I had an interesting moment in line at the drug store. Teddy was charming strangers (his usual MO) and a fifty-something woman in front of us starting chatting with him and us. We mentioned that we'd just flown in but that he'd done wonderfully during the flight. "But you're still breastfeeding, right, so I'm sure it helped," she replied. And while yes, I am (though not directly) it was so neat that THAT was the assumption. It's not just the beers that are different on the left coast.

Teddy's grinning at me and we'll be heading to breakfast soon (it doesn't start till 7 am on the weekends) . I'm sure there willl be more from Vancouver in the coming days, and likely from the cruise. Lucky you.


  1. Good Morning Vancouver!! Glad all went so well and have a super day. Hi to Beth and all.

  2. I had a great time hanging with you guys this weekend! Miss you tonnes!

    Love, Aunt Beth!

  3. Have a great time! Glad Teddy was a super star on the plane! Can't wait to hear all about your cruise! Safe travels!