Friday, September 4, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - Labour Day Weekend Edition

It's not yet Saturday, so I am getting this in under the wire!


Teddy's baptism went very well; it deserves its own post. He was a superstar during mass (as usual), and during the 45 minutes after around the font. He didn't really like the dunking, though. The water had been headed, but it was only at room temperature. He was shocked at the first dunk ("In the name of the Father...) but cried for dunks 2 and 3. I don't think it's a reflection of his views on the Son and the Holy Spirit.


The after celebration was also fun. We had 30 people over (3 were babies/toddlers) and had enough food to feed an army. Mad props to my Dad who grilled basket after basket of vegetables in the pouring rain, and to Dave's Dad who used a blow drier to dry my Dad's sodden shoes. They also go out to our Moms and to my Aunts Pat and Sally who chopped like fiends, and to my Nonna for making her amazing lasagna and eggplant parmigiana, as well as lots of other stuff. Thanks to Dave's Mom for making her deserts and bringing them from Georgetown, to my Mom for all the food she brought (tonnes) and to Mark and Tania for their artful displaying of sweets. Thanks again to Sally for washing endless amounts of dishes. Did I mention that our families rock?


The inlaws had a great visit. I ended up sleeping on the living room floor, but it was worth it so that they could visit Ottawa. Dave took the girls and Barry (my brother-in-law) to the Museum of Civilization where they went to the Children's museum and Imax. It was a huge hit. I took Rachael shopping and we all went to the Hill, and played a lot of Wii. Thanks for a great visit, you guys! You are welcome to come back whenever.


Dave is off for a 4 day weekend. His firm shut the offices for 4 days this summer, extending long weekends with unpaid days, and this was the final day. He just got his Blackb*rry, though, so we'll see how much work will be occuring. I hope to never have one; I don't have any desire for an umbilical cord to the office.


I am writing this while Dave and our friend Chris square off on Wii Archery. We might play a little Rock Band later, and we will be watching "I Love You, Man". I love that movie; it was Teddy's first cinematic experience. Chris reads this site so -- I hope that you are having fun, kid.


I tweeted about this, but I caught the pilot of "Glee" and I love.Love.LOVE it! High school comedy, great singing and lots of Journey - what's not too love. Check it out!


Oh - the story of the "Thank You" gift for my Aunt Pat and Fred. They've been married for 20 years so they don't need much. They're also foodies (Fred especially) but we weren't sure what they'd need for the kitchen. We wanted to get them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant (perhaps with a tasting menu) and we found out that the Oliver and Bonacini group in Toronto does this and will send them (2 day guarantee). I described their awesome customer service in the last post - they rock. And Aunt Pat and Fred are excited - they're going to go to Canoe (the top rated restaurant in Toronto). Score!

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