Friday, September 18, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - Almonte Edition


I am writing this from my parents' computer in Almonte. Teddy and I are here overnight (my Mom comes to stay with us tomorrow night) while Dave is at a cottage near Huntsville with the boys. This particular group of guys is pretty special. Dave's elementary school class (2 grades above me; yes, we did attend the same elementary school) had 24 girls and 8 boys. Of those 8, 6 are still close friends - the 'St. Francis boys' as they are known. Last year, 5 of the six of them got together at Tony's wedding (on the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, no less) and we realized that they hadn't all been together since OUR wedding, 4 years earlier. This year, Brady (not only a St. Francis boy but Dave's University roommate and brother-from-another-mother) rented a cottage for them and they've all met up. I hope you are having an amazing time, guys.


Speaking of Dave, last Saturday was Dave's birthday. He turned a whopping 34 years young. My parents came and took him out for lunch, and then we hosted a small b-day open house/party where we played 'Beatles Rock Band' and a bit of 'Guitar Hero 5' on the Wii. We served quesadillas and I made bread pudding and whiskey sauce - yum! Thanks to everyone who popped by (shout outs to Isha, Chris, Mark and Tania, who read this). It was funny - almost everyone there either has a baby or will have one soon. So many babies. Such fun!

[I should note that we also played "BRB" when Leanne and Derek came to visit the other night; they were in town for work. Thanks for a good time, kids. ]


During the meal rush at the party, Teddy sat in his high chair feeding himself cheerios and fruit and cheese. The newborn was crying, the toddler constantly trying to climb stairs and both were drawing everyone's attention. Teddy sat there, chilling and beaming at those who paid him attention, for 45 minutes. He is such a sweet kid and this is such a fun stage. He can sit up with no problem yet doesn't yet crawl. The newborn is a sweetheart, but I am liking this stage more. He's just so funny!


We have officially found a caregiver for Teddy. She lives nearby - about 10 minutes on foot and her name is Daphne. She's been sitting for 24 years and comes highly recommended. Dave and I really like her, and she'll have 2 other little boys (one part time) just a bit older than Teddy. I am sure that he'll have fun with her. I had such a great experience with in-home care, I hope that Teddy does as well. And she's such a lovely woman. It's going to be hard to leave him, but we feel we'll be leaving him in good hands.


I also met with my new work team on Thursday - it's all men, TOTALLY unusual for HR. I love it, though - I've always worked well with guys. Before University, my parents all but insisted that I live in a co-ed dorm as they knew I'd have gone crazy with the cattiness of an all-girl abode. Same with when I moved off campus with my good friend Ben. I thought they'd be disapproving; they were just happy that I'd avoid the infighting that often befalls women when the room together.

ANYWAY - the team seems great and the work looks interesting. My manager is a young parent himself and is totally understanding. It looks like an amazing challenge and I bring essential skills to the team. I am very hopeful that it will be a good fit.


Is it wrong that I am excited about the return of episodic TV? I am loving "Glee", sad that "30 Rock" doesn't start until mid-October, and excited to see what college holds for the "Gossip Girl" crew. But I still miss "Veronica Mars". And Logan Echolls.


One week from now, I will be in Vancouver!! Beth, I cannot wait to see you!

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