Monday, June 15, 2009

Family photos.

We're back in Georgetown, visiting my inlaws for the week. We had a wonderful but insanely busy weekend, including a day on which Teddy saw every single one of his grandparents and great-grandparents.

On Friday, we headed to Kingston to spend the night at my Nonna's house (Teddy's Bisnonna). Saturday morning, my parents came by. We hit yard sales in my Nonna's neighbourhood (where we scored amazing toys for cheap, including some sold to us by a 7-year old Ted), then headed to Napanee to see my Grandma and Grandpa (aka Teddy's Great Grandma Mary and Great Grandpa Jack). We were FINALLY able to get the 'four generation' picture of the MacDonald side (Mary, Ray, Sarah, Teddy). Grandma, who'll be 93 in December, is starting to fade but she had some hilarious moments. I'll post photos as soon as I can.

After the Napanee visit, we hightailed to Georgetown to see the McLean side. Once again, Teddy was chatty at church. Why is it that at Good Shepherd (our parish in Ottawa) the kid sleeps through mass, but at Holy Cross (where the acoustics are magnificent) he cannot stop making noise? GAH!

Sunday morning, we had the reason for our visit -- McLean family photos (well, the Don McLean clan). We haven't seen all the proofs yet, but our photographer has put some up on her site. Check them out! Thanks, Jennifer, for all your hard work!

Then, we hit Angels Diner for lunch. Angels was a favourite of mine in Guelph, and they've just opened a branch in Georgetown. It was great! Leanne, I had a 'Friday's Club" and thought of you!

Finally, Dave and Blaine headed to see the new Terminator movie while Teddy and I hung out with Colleen and Aidan. Teddy discovered a new love - the Fish*r Price Jumperoo. I think we'll have to pick one up, he loved it so much. We tried to get photos, but he was moving too much. Also, he's on the cusp of rolling over, so that should happen soon.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.


  1. So the trick to getting you to blog is to have you go to Georgetown!

    Also, I'll be (briefly) in Toronto airport on Wed morning en route to Fredericton. So close, but yet so far!!

  2. You're not kidding! I may actually have a post on this very phenomenon.

    Boo! If only you had more time; I am 20 minutes away!!