Monday, June 29, 2009

Soon to be footloose and fancy free again. Sort of.

As I Tweeted earlier in the week, Teddy's passport came in! The photo is adorable (it can be seen on Dave's blog) and it's good for three years. And I am thrilled -- this means that we can GO PLACES AGAIN!!

At the risk of alienating any readers who don't know me in person (hello Maggie and Salome Ellen; my remaining readership consists of about 8 people including my close friends, my husband and my parents), I will add a disclaimer. I KNOW that the upcoming whine is coming from someone in a position of privilege. I know how fortunate I am to have the means to do all the things I am about to discuss and I am incredibly thankful for it. We are financially responsible and we prioritize other things in our lives so that we can afford to travel as we do. And travelling is my THING, my favourite thing. Dave's proposal centred around our future travel plans (ooo...I will have to blog about that someday), and we've spent hours talking about where we dream of taking kids. Well, I've been the one talking while Dave listens. This will not surprise anyone who knows me, either!

Since we can now legally cross borders, and since Dave's firm is closing all offices for the two days after Canada Day (5 day weekend!), we are heading off to Vermont for a long weekend of R&R (aka shopping and siteseeing, eating and drinking) with my parents. I CANNOT WAIT. I am nearly vibrating in anticipation. Because, you guys, this is the LONGEST I HAVE EVER GONE without going somewhere that isn't the home of my parents, my Nonna or my inlaws.

As I have already mentioned, travel is my thing. I've been to 9 provinces, 33 states and 28 countries on 4 continents. My parents and I started travelling in earnest by the summer of 1985, just before I turned eight. Thought we'd vacationed a lot before that, we began going on 2 big trips per year, and lots of little trips in the meantime. This continued all through elementary and high school (with me adding school trips) and University (again with trips for conferences and studying abroad). This travel-lust (not wanderlust, as I don't really want to move) has only intensified since school ended and I started having an actual income. And since we got married - watch out. For posterity, here's where I've been since October 2004:

Year 1 (2004-05): Mediterranean Cruise (Italy, Croatia, Greece, France, Spain), Windsor (woot; Paul and Heather's wedding), Michigan (Ben & Erin's wedding, Katie visit), Las Vegas (Dave's 30th),Vermont.

Year 2 (2005-06): Halifax, Caribbean cruise (St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Bahamas), Vancouver (twice), St. John's, Baltic Cruise (England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Germany, Denmark), Michigan, Bermuda.

Year 3 (2006-07): Las Vegas, Vancouver, Calgary and the Rockies, Vermont (twice), St. John's, Edmonton (Deepa & David's wedding).

Year 4 (2007-08): Las Vegas, Chicago, New Zealand, Australia, Vermont, Alabama and Georgia, Vancouver, Alaska.

(This only includes trips that required a border crossing, a flight or a car trip longer than 7 hours. This doesn't include trips to Montreal, Quebec City or Toronto -- there have been many, nor camping trips, etc.)

And since August 2008 - I've been nowhere. Poor Dave has been to New Jersey twice for work. There's a very good reason why we've been homebound, and he's totally worth it. But I am ITCHING TO GO!!

Happily, we have a number of trips planned for the upcoming months. And not a moment too soon. Teddy is scheduled to hit another province (his third, since we live on the QC border), 6 states and 3 other countries before his first birthday. Passport stamps, here we come!


  1. I hope that includes Michigan again! Some of us are barely this side of the border, and could be persuaded to meet a cute baby (and parents) IRL. :-D

  2. I'd like to point out that your list includes Vancouver at least once per year! (Well, except your 2004-2005 list, but you were here in June 2004).

    Also, baby passports are the cutest thing ever. As you know, my niece hit 3 continents, plus Hawaii in her first year - I'm so jealous of all these well-travelled babies!