Thursday, June 4, 2009

Candor and resolutions

I am going to be candid; it is a struggle for me to update the blog. It seems like there are so many other things to occupy my time. But the real root reason is that [gasp] I don't love writing.

I am one of those annoying extroverts who'd rather talk out her thoughts than write them. And I have an eerily good memory, so I rely heavily on it rather than any written documentation to remember events and dates. It is a habit that I know I should nuture, regular writing, but it is really hard to get jazzed about it. I think I will just have to bite the proverbial bullet and do it.

Thus, I resolve to:

- post at least 2 entries per week this month. Entries of substance, not just quick birthday wishes or the like.
- have completed posts on my pregnany and Teddy's birth by the end of June.
- post a tribute to my Aunt Floriana on or by what would have been her 51st birthday on July 18th.

As for Teddy (likely the reason you read these posts!), he is going through a rough patch right now. There's a huge cognitive leap around 19 weeks, and he is gearing up for it. He is also dealing with physical milestones (he's about to start rolling) and he's teething. Poor little button. He is still pretty sunny, but his sleep and his appetite are off and he's fussier than normal.

The teething has ramped up over the past couple days. He is constantly sticking his hands or other things in his mouth so that he can chomp, and slugs of drool stream from his mouth. He is soaking countless bibs per day; it's no wonder why the Dutch word for bib is "Slobber"! And he has the telltale red cheek rash and red gums. I feel so bad for him, but he still a smiley little boy most of the time. It's tough to be 4 months old, though.

Here's a photo of us, taken a couple of weeks ago.

I'll write more soon. Promise!


  1. It’s true: you don’t need this blog for the reason that a lot of bloggers need theirs – to help them remember their lives. You are Encyclopedia Brown. You’ve got smarts that make you remember everything, so you do fine without a diary. That said, friends, family, and random internet acquaintances want to read these details. They want to know about the births, and milestones, and aches, and pains, and all that. Even if you’ve told them in person already, there’s something nice about seeing it in print; getting the change to go over the story a second time around. And I bet there’s a few randoms out there who have found your blog (or will one day) and who really appreciate it. Especially new moms or moms-to-be -- who’ll be grateful for how much you’re willing to share and how candidly it’s told.

    Keep it up, baby.

  2. I would just like to add that I read the posts not just for Teddy (although he's a totally dolly and I *love* seeing the pictures of him!!) but because I want to hear about *your* experiences, even though I hear about them in person, like Dave said. It's cool to read about them.

    Since you like to talk more than write, you could consider getting voice recogntion software and then just tell your story and have it do the pesky writing. As you know, I'm a talker too and have thought about doing that myself. I do like to write, but it is time consuming - I'm a much faster talker!

    P.S. I miss you guys and can't wait to see you in September!

  3. I have THEORIES about people who keep blogs and They Are Mostly Introverts is at the top of the list! That just means you have to try harder, because it's not like it's acceptable if you quit.