Saturday, June 20, 2009

Five months

It's June 20th, the day that Teddy turns 5 months old. It's been a crazy and interesting past month.

The Unusual

The 19 week developmental spurt plus the start of teething have made his sleep less consistent than in the past. Not to mention all the spit up that is caused by swallowing copious amounts of drool. During this stretch, his appetite diminished and he cried more often (which still wasn't much, but a lot for him). He rubs his face and ears, and gets the rash on his cheeks when his mouth hurts. And he shoves everything into his mouth. His chewing objects of choice are his fingers, without a doubt.

Return to the Usual

As I've said before, Teddy is a sunny and easygoing kid. He coos, he smiles, he laughs. He's a good eater and sleeps fairly easily. He goes down for a nap 2 hours after he awakes, then 3 hours after that nap. He'll have a quick catnap in the early evening, then go down for the night around 8. Now that teething has been thrown into the mix, he'll have the occasional 20 minute stretch where he cries and rejects food, only to eat ravenously 2 minutes later. But everyone who spends time with him remarks on how easygoing and sweet he is. We are incredibly lucky. Even after Tuesday night, when I was going to go to Bingo with my mother-in-laws and the aunts-in-law...and Teddy had a freak out 10 minutes before we were due to leave (and 40 minutes before Daddy got home). I didn't go (I've never acutally been), not wanting to saddle poor Poppy with a freak out. Amazingly, he'd calmed down about 5 minutes after departure time. Was it deliberate? Maybe he just didn't want me to get addicted to dabbing?

The hilarious

Teddy rolled over (back to front) for the first time on the 18th. He'd been on the cusp of doing it for days, and his sleep was a bit off. He was being thwarted by his pesky bottom arm; he'd get his entire body over, be laying on his stomach, but unable to complete the roll because he couldn't pull his arm through. He finally got it, landed on his tummy and grinned like a fool, they proceed to scoot on his stomach. It was a touch late, but as Dr. Kereszesi said, "He's got a lot of body to roll!"

He also spends as much time as he can putting weight on his feet and shifting them forward, trying to take steps. It's adorable, but a wee bit disconcerting. I'm not ready for him to cruise any time soon!

Once you get him laughing at something, it's hard to stop. He just grins and chortles and slugs of drool roll down his face.

As Bisnonna says, he's a treasure. We'll keep him!

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