Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Georgetown Posting Phenomenon

So, you may have noticed that I am posting a lot this week. I am, in fact, writing two to three posts a day and scheduling them to post later. What is causing this explosion of verbiage? As Beth noted in an earlier comment section - it's the Georgetown phenomenon. Who knew?

I've been reflecting on the reasons for the posting proliferation. They are threefold.

  1. Several extra pairs of hands to help with the baby related stuff during the day (while Dave and our friends are at work). I get that when I'm visiting elsewhere, but it's nice. As a result, I can do things while Teddy is awake. Not that there's much to do (see next point...)

  2. While I am at home, I feel compelled to DO STUFF while Teddy sleeps. Stuff like laundry and meal planning and finances and, and, and... When I visit my parents, my Mom and I always have projects and my Dad and I have things to talk about and plan. But while I am here, I don't have that much to do. I help with meal planning and do our own laundry (mostly Teddy's stuff), but beyond that? Nothing much.

  3. My house and my parents' home contain things that belong to me - books, etc. Here, the only things that are mine include the books I bring with me. I have easy access to the computer, though -- it's in the room where we (and Teddy) sleep. I have a laptop at home, but I have so many other things to do while there!

So, I am just churning out the content. I figure that I'll write as much as I can and leave it in the drafts folder. The bulk of the stuff I am writing deals with pregnancy/labour/Teddy's early days, so I can post that intermittently. I will continue to document day-to-day stuff in real time, though.

Speaking of real time content, we are having a lovely visit. We're hanging outside while Poppy works in the yard. We're going for walks with Nanny to the mall and to visit the great aunts and uncles. Visiting friends once Daddy gets home in the evenings. The weekends will be packed, but it's been great to see lots of people.

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  1. Well I, for one, am very excited to hear that you have some posts written and waiting to go in the drafts folder. It always brings a smile to my face when I check my Google Reader and see that there are new posts from you!