Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A hobby?

Earlier this week, Lauren posted about wanting to develop a hobby that would be productive. She is considering knitting, sewing or scrapbooking. I completely understand that sentiment, and just spent the evening doing something I have really come to enjoy - cardmaking.

I've joined a 'stamping club' where we meet once a month to make several cards/learn techniques. I have to purchase about $30 of product each month, but that's no big deal. And the cards are REALLY nice. As in - you'd never know that I made them, they're so nice. And the women in the group are awesome, too. A night out! It's only a few hours, but still!

In related news - I left Veronica for 3 HOURS tonight. That's the longest we've ever been apart and she managed not to starve to death. Props to Dave -- always an amazing dad - for keeping her content while I was away. Thanks, baby!

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