Sunday, November 21, 2010

A quiet Sunday

Today was a lovely, quiet day. I had promised to help out with the CWL Membership table after mass, so that was my big task this morning. Veronica, Teddy, and I all napped this afternoon. My Nonna sent us up some food, so we had stuffed eggplant for dinner. And now, we're watching the final episode of S4 of "The Wire", which we are still loving.

I came downstairs (truth be told, I'd been dropping off a cloth diaper in the pail liner) after dark, and I spotted the flickering light from a scented candle, burning in the kitchen. It struck me, then, how excited I am for Advent -- both this year and in future. It's no coincidence that the prospect of a family Christmas was one of the things to which Dave and I most looked forward when we dreamed of having a family. I've been lax in terms of Christmas decorations since we moved to this house, since Christmas has been in Almonte/Kingston/Georgetown and I was either 1 week post miscarriage, VERY pregnant or about to head back to work. But this year, I think that both kids will like the tree. The cats will love it as well, unfortunately, but what can you do?

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations when I visit!

    Also, now I have a craving for your Nonna's eggplant!