Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Night Strategizing

I have been inspired by Jamie at Mostly Gladly (whom I aspire to be like in most aspects of my life, truth be told) and am going to detail what my To Do list for the next 7 days.

Time Sensitive:
  • Do Familia homework before Fridays' meeting
  • Enter data from waste journal before Friday night's focus group
  • Get Dad's b-day gift squared away by Friday
  • Determine what needs to be done for CWL membership volunteer slot
  • Write and mail Thank You notes
  • Contact Deb re. card order
  • Organize V's clothes - store the outgrown, bring out new stuff
  • Take a pass through Teddy's clothes
  • Contact various friends (Cathy, Sarah) to set up play dates
  • Develop content for more content-heavy blog posts
  • Plan for Xmas card. Refine holiday shopping list.
  • Passport planning for Veronica.

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