Friday, November 26, 2010

Three months

Veronica turned 3 months old on Wednesday. She had a check-up yesterday. It involved no vaccinations and therefore no tears. :)

She is weighing in at 13lbs, 7oz (though she was not wearing a cloth diaper this time; last time's weigh in may have been slightly skewed by that) and she's 24.5 inches long. She passed the time in the waiting room cooing at all the other patients. She may end up being a talker like her Mom!

Her sunny, relaxed personality has returned following the 12 week developmental leap - she rarely cries and smiles and chatters all day long. She chuckled today for the first time. Her hair continues to stick straight up in the back. Her eyes remain a vibrant blue.

She is a little sweetheart. We'll keep her.

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