Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another dispatch from Georgetown

I am once again on my inlaws' computer, writing a post from my hometown. Woot!

We had a leisurely day getting here. I had to do some Xmas shopping in a non-traditional way...with reward points! One of our drug stores (SDM) has a reward program that is just wicked. I shop on days when I can get bonus points (like 20x the points) and I buy loss leaders (things on sale like pop, diapers, eggs, milk) and I just rack up points. Once you have 75,000, you can redeem for $150 worth of merchandise - and it isn't that tough to get to 75,000 if you shop strategically. But today -- it was bonus redemption day. For 75,000 points, you got $200 of merchandise; all you have to pay is the tax. I had over 200,000 points (and for every redemption, I get 10,000 points back), so I redeemed 3 times. Yep - $600 worth of stuff, and I had to pay was the GST and PST. They have electronics (stuff like the Wii or the DSi, digital cameras, etc.) so I got some GREAT stuff.

I ran to the stores for an hour or so, then gassed up. We'd packed almost everything last night, so we loaded up the car just as Teddy was getting sleepy and headed out. It takes just under 2 hours to get to Kingston to my Nonna's house, our half way point. We had lunch with Nonna -- Teddy inhaled eggplant parmesan, canneloni, chicken, peas and green beans along with us. We hung out there until he was sleepy again, then the four of us headed to the GTA. After all the food, Teddy slept for almost 2.5 hours!

Our first stop was at my Aunt Pat's house, where we saw my aunt, uncle and Leah (and Fred fed us). Nonna is staying there for a few days, and we'll be seeing them. Teddy had fun with them, but was getting tired so we headed to our last stop - my inlaws' house!

We got here about half an hour before Teddy's bed time, and we played. He headed to bed, and we have been visiting with Dave's parents ever since. We had a quick visit to see Dave's brother and his family, and we'll see them again tomorrow. Dave's parents are making Newfie dinner, and I am sure everyone will be impressed by Teddy's ability to cram turkey, potatoes, stuffing and other veggies into his mouth.

I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend.

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