Friday, November 20, 2009

Ten months

Dear Teddy,

Today, you turned 10 months old! Time is FLYING. Mommy will be heading back to work in just over a month, but we're not going to focus on that because she wants to enjoy every moment with you right now.

You are an absolute joy. You are the sunniest kid I've ever seen. You double over in laughter and joy when your father comes home from work, when your grandparents come to visit, or when I come into view when I've been out of your line of sight for a minute or two. You LOVE music -- the CDs Aunt Shelley brought us have been a huge hit - and you like to stand up and bounce (holding onto my hand for balance) or sit and sway to the music. You still love the Italian songs you've been hearing since you were born, but it doesn't take more than 3 seconds of singing to make you smile.

You have become so adept at feeding yourself. Mealtimes are such fun, since you are eating almost everything we do. Here you are eating chicken and potatoes (made with Bisnonna's recipe, of course). You couldn't get enough, nor of the sauteed pepper and mushroom and citrus blend. You still love corn and squash and you'll eat cereal, but you'd rather feed yourself. Especially cheese and avocado.

You still aren't crawling, but you want to spend most of the day on your feet. You try to use us to pull/push yourself upright, and you want to hold on the couch or other pieces of furniture. Your balance is excellent, kiddo, and you are starting to master the 'bum scoot'. Over the past day or two, you've been leaning over and getting into the crawling stance, and moving forward like you're in the starting blocks. We fear that our days of you staying put our over; Daddy intends to put the baby gates up tomorrow. I foresee him cursing the fact that we have so many stairs in this house!

Though you aren't yet moving, you are WAY ahead in the tooth department. You've already had 6 break through your gums (2 bottom, followed by 4 top) and I suspect the next 2 bottom will be coming along soon. How about a tiny break before the molars, ok?

Over the past little while, you have been trying to hard to imitate us when we speak to you. Trying to say 'cat' or 'Teddy'. I wonder what your first real word will be, and when you'll say it? I don't think we can count "Sha sha sha" or "gooozhe!", though you say them often.

It's been a busy month. You had to attend your third funeral (and lose a 4th loved one) when your Great Grandma Mary died at the end of October. Let's hope that this is the last you have to attend for a long time! In addition, you have a new little buddy - Rory. I am sure that he'll be your partner in crime in no time. Auntie Isha has been really sick lately, and you have been such a trooper while Mommy has been running around dropping things off and looking after Rory. You love Uncle Joe and Auntie Isha (your face just lights up when you see either of them) and you spent today's visit smiling at them and trying to hold Rory's hand and touch his face. Maybe all the requests to be 'gentle' when you're near the cats are paying off?

I am often completely overwhelmed by how incredibly blessed we are to have you in our lives. I suspected that I'd be bowled over by motherhood, but I never suspected I'd be so incredibly rewarded. These past ten months have been incredible and I cannot wait to watch you grow over the next 10,000+ months.


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  1. What a cutie! That smile would melt an iceberg : )