Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day Three

We had visitors today -- my Mom and Nonna came by. My Nonna came back to my parents' place after my Grandma's funeral, so we got to see her again today. She's the baby whisperer (or the baby monopolizer!) so she and Teddy had a great time. They watched him while I ran out grocery shopping, since we're having a big party this weekend.

I'm not actually sure that party is the right word for it - it's Dave's 5th annual 24 hour movie marathon. Back in January of 2006, Dave (who'd never pulled an all nighter) hosted the first. It's been a tradition ever since, though the '09 version was technically in November '08 as I was very pregnant in January of '09. Since I'll be back at work in January '10, we're holding it in November again.

My Mom commented on the number of parties we've thrown of late and it's true. We've had one big gathering per month of late. To wit:

July - Dan and Clau's shower (though that was at their house, but Isha and I did all the food and prep)
August - Teddy's Baptism, with 30 guests
September - Dave's b-day, with only 12 guests
October - Isha and Joe's shower, with 40 guests
and now this. Not to mention parties we co-hosted in Georgetown in April (my inlaws' 40th anniversary), June (my father-in-law's birthday) and August (my mother-in-law's birthday). Whew!

There will be around 15 people at various times, but we feed them for 24 hours. Plus - I am Italian, so I cannot run the risk of running out of food! It should be a lot of fun.

In other news, I have been fighting off a cold since we were on vacation - longest, strangest illness ever. Is it wrong how excited I am at the prospect of going to bed before 9?


  1. Can I bring anything? My French-Catholic upbringing compels me to be as helpful as possible :)

  2. Jealous! Someday I'll make it to a movie marathon though. Someday.