Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teddy + Cheese = True Love 4eva!

I am running on fumes tonight, so I thought I'd post about Teddy's continuing love affair with cheese. It doesn't matter what type of cheese; he loves anything from chevre to friulano to ricotta to cheddar.

We were prepping dinner tonight (it was leftovers, so we were reheating) and we'd given Teddy some cheerios to tide him over. He enjoys them and was happily eating them until he spotted me walking over with cheese in my hand. He immediately spit out the Cheerio he was chewing (well, let it fall out of his mouth) so he'd have more room in his mouth for cheese. Which he then ate with abandon.

He happily ate chicken and corn, smiling all the while. But when fresh pieces of cheese were placed in front of him, he was ecstatic. He'd feed himself a piece, then fall backwards in his high chair because he was grinning so hard, so delicious was that mouthful. He'd utter things like "Ga-rinda", which we interpreted as "Man, that's a great piece of cheese."

This kid is just so awesome.

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