Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Sixty-three years ago today, one of my favourite people was born in Kingston Ontario (a fact that still galls him). He was named for his father and his uncle; had he been a girl, he'd have been Linda Marie. She arrived 5 years later! He grew up in a town called Deseronto, and he attended University in Kingston...then met the girl he'd marry there. His mother-in-law still lives in Kingston, too -- he can't get away!

Over the years, he taught me many things among them:
  • what 'FAP' spells
  • how to score a baseball game
  • how to use a Bloom Gelometer (buckshot it vital)
He gladly suffered through concerts and plays, late night Calculus questions, and he transported countless carloads of stuff to and from University. He planned trips and showed me amazing places all over the world. I love that we can still travel together!

His faith has always been an inspiration to me. And his love and respect for me have helped me develop so many amazing friendships with guys and marry a wonderful man (who is similar to him in unexpected ways).

Happy birthday, Daddy! I love you very much. And Teddy is lucky to have such an amazing Grandpa.

P.S. Let Mom know that I am sorry I missed writing about her 60th because of Grandma's death -- let her know I'll make it up to her!

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