Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 5 - Teddy loves to eat!

As we were having lunch today, I knew what I'd blog about -- Teddy's LOVE of food.

We've been doing a blend of baby-led weaning and a bit of baby food, primarily stuff we eat as purees (like butternut squash or oatmeal). We started when Teddy was about 6.5 months. At first, he'd gum the heck out of strips of plum or nectarine or cucumber. But as his manual dexterity got better, he began to enjoy it more and more. His pincer motion is awesome, and his aim is excellent too, so his mealtimes are far more efficient than before.

Teddy's favourite foods are cheese and avocado. He is hilarious with cheese -- when you give him pieces of it, he cannot eat them fast enough. He smiles and chuckles to himself because he's so very excited. And when there are avocado slices present? He'll ignore the cheese to cram these into his mouth and smile at you with a mushy green grin.

On the cruise, we'd have a routine at dinner. We'd arrive at the table, where he'd have some Cheerios and I might feed him a little something from a jar (squash -- his favourite jarred food, or corn that smells and tastes like corn-on-the-cob). Then, he'd have some bread from the bread basket. Next, they'd serve Teddy a freshly made puree of broccoli and carrots, which he inhaled. Finally (when our main courses would come out), he'd be presented with a plate of green peas and mashed potatoes. And the kid would shovel handfuls of peas into his mouth like it was his job! And he was so well-behaved at the table. Dinner would last 1.5 hours and he was so cheerful. Guests at all of the tables around us came by to compliment him on his good behaviour, and the waitstaff just adored him. It went far better than we'd anticipated.

We're pretty much feeding him what we eat. Last night, for example, we had butternut squash soup and my Nonna's eggplant parmesan. Teddy had pureed squash and some eggplant parmesan and cheese. Tonight, it'll be perogies and corn or peas. For lunch, he had some pureed pears, cheese and banana. It's so fun watching him discover food!

He's still having lots of breastmilk in addition to 3 meals a day, and he's thriving. I'm sure that Nanny and Poppy will be thrilled to serve him Newfie Dinner when next we visit Georgetown!

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  1. There is a very small part of me that misses the early days when his dexterity wasn't quite there yet. Where he grab a slice of plum, press it against his forehead, then slide it down his face until it found his mouth.