Friday, November 27, 2009


I toyed with the idea of doing '7 quick takes' but decided against it. At this point in NaBloPoMo, every post is a quick take, and I need to finish packing. We're off to Georgetown (via Kingston, where we're picking up my Nonna to come with us) tomorrow morning. We're paying a quick visit to my inlaws and we'll be heading back on Wednesday.

We've become adept at packing with the baby, so once that last batch of baby laundry is done (he just had a bath; I hate leaving wet towels so I'm doing one last load) I will finish it up.

It's strange, though, not to have the cats around. We dropped them off at the cat 'bed and breakfast' today. We'd considered having someone come in and feed them, but Moe developed an eye infection. I swear - he is the sickliest little guy. Weird gastrointestinal issues as a kitten, chronic osteoinfection in his jaw, strange bouts of allopecia, and now this eye infection. He needs antibiotic ointment smeared in his eye every 12 hours, so innkeeper Melanie is on it. The cats are usually photographed constantly when they're at the b&b, but I doubt that Moe will be this time. Poor squinty baby.

Boy - I am running out of gas as this month rolls along. The last few November posts will be from Georgetown. See you on the flip side.

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