Friday, November 13, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - All About Teddy Edition 1

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Teddy has just gone down for his afternoon nap, so I thought I'd take a moment to crank out this post. His morning nap was surprisingly short (45 minutes, which is totally unusual for him) so I am hoping that this one last a bit longer. If not, bedtime will be SUPER early tonight.


I tweeted about this yesterday, but Teddy and I have been enjoying music as we play. Snacktime by the Barenaked Ladies is a favourite, as is the CD Shelley just gave us on the weekend. It's an ecclectic mix containing songs like 'Conjunction Junction', 'Little Girls' from Annie, theme songs from The Dukes of Hazzard, The Backyardigans, and Laverne and Shirley, and classics like 'Everybody Loves the Cha Cha Cha' by Sam Cooke. He loves to bounce and sway to the music. It's super cute.


Teddy's 5th and 6th teeth are arriving; the incisors on either side of his front teeth have broken through the gum (the right more that the left). His front teeth have a gap between them - he's got a bit of a goonie smile (and a goonie laugh, too) but we figure the gap will close as more teeth come in. He's been drooling a lot and shoving his fingers into his mouth, the poor kid. But he's ahead of the curve for teething so far. I am not looking forward to the dreaded 1st year molars, though.


One area where Teddy isn't ahead of the curve is crawling. He is not terribly interested nor terribly proficient. At first, his upper body strength would cause him to crawl backwards, away from the object he was aiming for and causing him no end of frustration. He is JUST coming to the realization that his knees need to be involved in this process. We'll see that happens in the next few weeks.


His inability to crawl does not mean that he's not interested in locomoting, though. He'll bum scoot a bit, and his big thing is reaching for us in order to pull himself up, then take steps towards the desired object/spot. The kid would spend all day upright if he could. His balance is improving, though far from perfect. Maybe he'll be like my Dad - he'll skip crawling all together.


I know that I blogged about this yesterday, but I am super excited to meet Rory and for Teddy to see him, too. Teddy has just begun to realize that children and babies aren't just 'other people' -- they're wonderful playmates. Until a couple weeks ago, his reaction towards adults and kids was identical: "Hey! It's a person!! I love people!!" But he's clued in that kids are at his eye level and interested in similar things. It should be fun. I am also excited to get pictures of the two of them together - Godzilla and a newborn.


We (and the cats) look forward to the day when Teddy has more control of his arm movements. When he's excited, he flaps and grabs. When the object of the excitement is your face (or that of a cat) well - it's less fun. We get fish-hooked a lot around these parts. I am petrified that he'll end up with a fistful of whisker one of these days; 'gentle' is one of the most used words around here. He'll figure it out soon enough, but I feel for the felines. They get close to him (Gunther especially; he'd love some affection from Teddy because he really likes kids) but it's tense. I am sure that they'll be friends soon enough!

I wish all of you an amazing Friday!

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  1. 1. My nephew is also here at my parents, and we've been listening to the Platinum Sesame Street collection, and it's a complete blast from the past. He loves it and can sing along to most of the songs.

    2. Also about my nephew - he skipped crawling altogether, prefering to roll himself from place to place. It took a while, but eventually he figured out how to alter his direction while rolling and managed pretty well.