Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome, Rory!

I got the call about an hour ago - our dear friends Isha and Joe's baby has arrived!

I spoke to Isha yesterday; she was en route to a flu assessment clinic because she had a fever (3 days before her due date). I didn't hear back from her...because she went into labour!

Isha was hoping for a home birth (in their new house, only 5 minutes from us!), but the fever, coupled with meconium stained amniotic fluid, led the midwives to suggest a move to the hospital. It's a good thing - the baby's heart rate dipped preciptously with each contraction and raced in between. Ultimately, Isha had a c-section...

And baby Rory was born around 6 am.

We are beyond thrilled for them and for Teddy, too. All of our friends who've had babies this year have had girls, save one pair of boy/girl twins. I'm excited for Teddy to have another little boy to play with. And I cannot wait to meet the baby.

Isha and the baby are in an isolation room at the hospital (though they don't think it's H1N1 now) and will likely be there through the weeked. But I hope that we'll get to meet the little guy ASAP.

Congratulations, Isha and Joe. May you have a speedy recovery, and may Rory be a good sleeper!

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