Monday, November 16, 2009

Double your pleasure...triple your fun?

UPDATED TO ADD: Poor Isha has pneumonia. She'll be in the hospital for at least one day. Baby Rory is back with Daddy and his Nanny Saffr*k is en route. Get well soon, Ish!

So, I am about to experience (some) of the wonder of Irish twins. Today, I have both Teddy and Rory in my care.

Poor Isha (who's recovering from a C-section) is having horrible abdominal pain and her midwife recommended that she head to Emerg. post haste. Joe called at 5 am asking if I could watch the Rorster. I have enough boob juice to spare (Rory is doing finger feeding right now, along with nursing), after all! I headed over with Teddy's car seat at around 5:30 to retrieve that baby.

He's so tiny! Teddy was never this tiny (well, he was in utero). And he's still in that super sleepy stage. He's sleeping in the pack-n-play bassinet right now and Teddy's up in his crib. Dave hasn't left for the day, so this is probably the calmest moment I will have today.

For all of you pray-ers, any prayers you could spare for Isha would be wonderful. For the rest of you - any good thoughts that you could spare would be greatly appreciated. See you on the flip side.

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  1. oh babies! I wish I lived closer and I would come over and help you out! Enjoy your day!