Monday, November 9, 2009

Five years and one month ago...

One month ago - the date will become significant in a minute - we were on the final day of our Pacific Coast cruise, visiting Catalina. An account of that day can be found here.

Five years and one month ago, though, I was spotted wearing this:

Exactly 7 days after my 27th birthday, and after 15 months of engagement (not to mention the fact that we first started dating in 1995 and met in 1982), Dave and I got married!

Here I am with my junior bridesmaids and flower girl. On either side of me are Hannah and Leah (from yesterday's post), while next to Leah is my then-soon-to-be niece Rachael.

Here I am with the rest of my bridal party. In order, the 'Coalition of the Wedding' are: Sarah, Justin, Leanne (maid of honour), Dr. Beth, Katie and Rachel (older sister of Hannah and Leah).

Here's Dave with his boys. In the back: Jorge, Brady, Barry (his brother), Blaine, while Kevin and Dave himself are in the front.
The ceremony took place at our parish, Holy Cross. The celebrant was the son of our high school Geography teacher who'd been ordained only 4 months before (Thanks, Father Lee!). My choir (the choir of which I'd been a member) sang. It was lovely, though I've never before knelt through an entire mass -- homily included!

Here we are with our parents after the ceremony. For those of you who don't know - can you guess which are mine and which are Dave's?

Our reception took place at an Italian Canadian banquet hall about 15 minutes away. It was lovely, the food and drink were great, the DJ was awesome, and we had an amazing time. One of our favourite moments was the father/daughter and mother/son dance. Halfway through "Love is All Around" by Wet Wet Wet, the DJ asked for everyone to come join us on the dance floor (a ploy on his part, so he didn't have to start the dance music with an empty floor). Dancing with my Dad, seeing Dave with his Mom and being surrounded by hundreds of people we loved (kids dancing together, all our aunts and uncles and friends) was overwhelming.

The next day, we headed off on our honeymoon - a Med cruise.

Once we returned to Canada, Dave moved up to Ottawa to join me; I'd moved one week before our wedding.
The past 5 years have been filled with challenges and triumphs, good times and bad. And I could not imagine spending them -- or the rest of my life -- with anyone else. Dave, I love you and I cannot wait to spend another 55+ years with you!


  1. That was more than years ago already?? Where does the time go??

  2. Congratulations! I'm so glad I got to meet BOTH of you!

  3. Not sure what I expected your latest post to be, but I didn't expect this. An awesome and very sweet surprise in my day.

    Here's a spoiler on what I'll be like in the next 55 years.
    The Remainder of My Thirites - The same as it's gone so far, except that my beard gets way out of control.

    My Forties - I bulk up, sculpt my body, enter the Mr. Universe competition, lose.

    My Fifties - I started working for a NPO, convert it a for-profit organization, become both hated and rich as a result.

    My Sixties - I retire. I start spending my time doing handywork for our kids (all eighteen of them).

    My Seventies - I start reading books again.

    My Eighties - I finally convince you to get that ferret I always wanted.

    My Ninties - I really hit my stride.

  4. Oh Dave, Sarah brought a tear to my eye and then you made me sob with laughter. Glad I was able to share in your day! It does still feel like yesterday...