Sunday, November 22, 2009

A sloppy Sunday update.

Boy - I am not feeling it today. It's the 22nd of the month and it's the first time I've felt this way, so I am happy about that. But I am tired and I doubt I can piece together something both weighty and coherent. As a result, you're getting an update of my day. Bated breath, I am sure you are waiting with.

Since we went to mass last night, we had little to do this morning. Sadly, Teddy got up at 6 (why? You used to be able to set a clock by his 7 am wake up. The past 3 days it has been 6. BLEARGH). Dave hauled himself out of bed to hang with the kiddo, and both Teddy and Dave went down for morning naps around 7:50. Teddy got up again at 9:30, so he and I played and got ready to go to Almonte.

At around 11, we headed over to my parents' house; our plan was to take my Dad out for part of his birthday gift. We arrived around noon and my Mom had made lunch - vegetable soup and grilled cheese. Mmm...

Then began the strangest part of the day. We were putting Teddy down for a nap after lunch, and Dave went to undo his bib. He started to cry for no real reason (undoing your bib, kid? We do that 25 times a day), and didn't really recover. He'd calm down, then end up bawling and screaming. It was so very strange. This child NEVER cries when he goes down for naps, let alone a screamy cry. It took about 30 minutes of trying to get him down before he fell asleep. Happily, he napped for almost 2 hours. It gave Mommy and Daddy enough time to have a drink.

Aside: This child was off yesterday, too - sombre, and stared into space for long periods. He's had periods of wakefulness in the night, too. According to The Wonder Weeks, week 44 is the stormiest week prior to the week 46 developmental week, and we're smack dab in the middle of week 44. Week 44 - end please!

After his nap, we tried my father's patience as the three of us tried to pose for a family shot to use in Christmas cards. He must have taken 50 shots, and it looks like we'll have something to use. When I have something to share, I will post it!

Next, we listened to music for a bit, then headed out to a local restaurant for dinner. It's one of those 'nice' places you find in small towns - broad menu, friendly staff, big portions, tasty food, and we had a nice time (though Teddy tired of the unfamiliar high chair after a while).

After dinner, we swung back to my parents' to pick up our stuff and change Teddy into PJs before we headed home. Once we got here, he handled the car seat to bed transfer well. We got organized - we always end up with stuff when we come home from my parents' house. This time it was more clothes (for all of us -- thank you, Hub) and some food from both my Mom and Nonna. Mmm...delicious food that I don't have to cook myself! Thanks, once again, for your amazing generosity, Mom and Dad!

Now, I am puttering around, banking and blogging. I am looking at books online, since I haven't burned my b-day gift from Dr. Beth (a gift card for books). I think I am going to pick up the news books from Will Ferguson and Malcolm Gladwell, as well as a Maurice Sendak collection containing Chicken Soup with Rice, our favourite book by him. Thanks, Dr. Beth!

Ok. Off to bed I go. You know, after I place my book order...

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  1. I just got the new Malcolm Gladwell book as an audiobook from the library. So excited!