Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 7 - Dispatch from MMFive (aka our 5th Movie Marathon)

Teddy's napping, and I'm sitting in the living room with a bunch of friends, three movies in to this year's Movie Marathon. I cannot believe that it's our fifth one! The movie lineup changes, but the menu is the same every year. People still seem to come back, though. :)

Our first movie was Pumping Iron, which I missed because I was prepping food and making guacamole. Movie #2 was CanCon - Last Night, which is an awesome flick. After a quick lunch break, we're on to movie #3, Sunset Boulevard which is one of my all-time favourites.

After Teddy's nap, we'll be heading out to Almonte so he can spend the night. I'll head back to Ottawa and likely arrive in time for dinner. There aren't too many movies that I want to see this evening (the lineup can be found on Dave's site), but I want to make sure that all the spectators are fed and watered. For posterity, I should record the usual menu.

Cookies, muffins, juice, coffee, tea (and candy, as requested. This year it was licorice and mini chocolate bars, the Halloween leftovers).

Chili (I make it ahead, since it tastes better after the spices have mellowed), hummus and pita, guacamole, a veggie tray and a fruit bowl.

The candy and baked goods, augmented with chips and party mix.

Pizza is usually ordered (except for the year when we got 80 cm of snow. We figured we'd be snowed in, so I did sweet and sour pork in the crock pot). Veggies and hummus, etc. come out again.

Late night snacks:
Sandwich meats and buns and a cheese plate.

Eggs and bacon and toast or waffles.

Pop and Juice, Coffee and Tea, as well as beer, wine and mixed drinks. We aim to please.

Not the most thrilling of entries, but that's what is on my mind today. I hope that you are all having a great time this weekend.

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