Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Minutiae of my day

I am not sure if I should start or end the post with another request for prayers/good thoughts. I guess 'START' is what I'll do:

Isha is still in the hospital; in addition to pneumonia, she has a non-H1N1 strain of influenza and she's back in isolation (as she was with Rory after he was born). HOPEFULLY, she will be out soon. In the interim, Rory is thriving on donated boob juice (thank you, oversupply) and everyone is holding it together. I ran errands for them today because I didn't know what else to do. I HATE that she's going through this. I remember how scared we were after Teddy was born and with his tongue-tie and subsequent scary dehydration, then the thrush and mastitis...and this is worse. I wouldn't wish this on anyone and I am so, so sad that Isha's first days as a Mom are being marred by this. Any prayers you could send her way would be greatly appreciated.

In other news - I went to the dentist today. I continue to love the dental practice that I visit in our neighbourhood. I deliberately switched to it because it seemed kid-friendly (it is), it's local and because I LOATHED the first practice I went to when we moved here. I had the same dentist from the age of 2 until 27, and I loved him, so I really wanted to find somewhere that my children (who were hypothetical at the time) would feel as comfortable. It's just such a great spot.

Teddy also had schwarma for the first time tonight. Lebanese food is ubiquitous here in Ottawa, so it was just a matter of time. He made his usual 'WHAT?!" face when he first tried the garlic sauce, but within 30 seconds he was shoving pieces of chicken and pita and vegetables into his mouth and laughing. Lebanese fast food FTW!

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